Integrity Estate Sales and Liquidations


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2015 Integrity Estate Sales and Liquidations.  Downsizing.  On-site and Online Estate Sale Specialist








We are not affilated with Grasons Co. Estate Sale Services, one of their franchises uses Integrity in their title.

Specialty Items and Services 


Integrity is a full service Professional Estate Liquidation Company and we  will handle every aspect of your Estate Sale in a Professional and Compassionate manner.

For many people, handling the estate of a loved one can be an emotional and overwhelming process. From the start, we are here to help. Our priority is to liquidate household contents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are known for hosting organized & clean boutique styled sales. Our sales are staged in a manner that is eye catching and pleasing. Integrity Estate Sales and Liquidations has developed a reputation of being helpful, friendly and courteous. 

We pride ourselves in our honesty and excellent communication. There are no surprises when you work with us. We are  a company that you can truly rely on.

We will always consider the needs of our Clients. We understand that you are not only liquidating personal property, but that you may have memories associated with many of the items to be sold. Our goal is to provide you with a professional estate liquidation and to help eliminate any of the unwanted stress normally associated with such situations.


Memorabilia:  SOLD  First Day

Luxury Items 
At Integrity our desire is to assist you in selling artwork, coins, jewelry, designer clothing, and automobiles.

We work with galleries when appropriate, and auction houses when appropriate. 

We clean jewelry, weigh gold and silver, and price it appropriately.

We will sell any motorized vehicle, and we take care of all the DMV paperwork.

We do our best to research and price specialty items.

For general items we consider fair market value, liquidation value, and the pricing history of similar items we have sold.



  • Integrity Estate Liquidations details specifically in contracts all costs associated with an estate sale.  

  • We find out the needs and expectations of the customer in the initial assessment.

  • We organize, sort, clean and display the contents of the estate in an attractive manner.  We arrange furniture and decor to best display your items for the estate sale.

  • We have an extensive knowledge of resale pricing and access the best price to sell your items.  From  collectibles, current & vintage home furnishings, decor, clothing, electronics, tools, firearms even Vehicles!  If it can be sold, we have probably sold it!  In addition to our knowledge,  will utilize every resource available (from print to other professionals) to make sure your items are priced right.  


  • Integrity will advertise your estate sale at no cost to you.  We utilize every resource that benefits each individual sale.  In addition to our VIP email list with thousands loyal customers, collectors, designers, decorators, people who love to shop, we utilize, which has over 10,000 subscribers.  We will advertise on-line, making use of local and national websites.

  • We use social media to connect with customers and attract a new generation of estate sale shoppers.  We also use professionally made signage during the sale to attract passerby traffic and to make sure people can find your estate sale.


  • We conduct the estate sale (typically 3 days, longer if needed) in an organized and professional manner.  Taking every consideration with your home and belongings.  We always staff our estate sales accordingly to make sure everything is under control.


  • We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. And when needed, we can run two cash registers accepting both cash and credit.

  • Your payment will be sent out within seven days following the sale.  You will receive any pertinent information regarding your sale, donation receipts, tracking, accounting and of course, your check. 


  • Compassionate, Professional, Flexible