About Us

We are a family owned and operated company established in 1998. Our combined families have actually been in the resale and liquidating business since the early 1970′s, from flea markets to antique malls to auctions. We have basically been in all aspects of the business and have decided to take our knowledge and apply ourselves wholeheartedly and 100% only to Estate Sales, giving you, the client, our undivided attention with no chance of a conflict of interest.

We here at Integrity Estate Sales provide an extended service for “ALL” of your estate needs. We fully understand that the process of liquidating ones prized possesions can become quite time consuming, overwhelming and even perhaps devastating. In today’s times people are already very busy with work, activities and daily schedules to even begin to think of liquidating an estate.

Our services are offered to families that have just suffered the loss of a loved one, relocating to assisted living, moving – downsizing, divorce, and more. We welcome ALL families!!! We do not believe that any sale is too small or that it has to be filled with antiques for “OUR” company to host. We also offer NO MINIMUM. Meaning we work strictly on commission alone. We work for you.

There are no up front fees for you to even worry about and our professional consultation is also free. We continually strive to better ourselves through research, study, experience and review to make your estate sale as smooth, worry free, accurate and profitable for you OUR CLIENT, as well as fun and interesting for our estate sale customers. As this is mostly a cash business based largely on trust and word of mouth, the phrase “Our word is our bond” takes on a special meaning for us. We guarantee not to mislead, misinform, or deceive you in any shape, way or form. We recognize that each sale is unique unto itself. We always try to be as caring, considerate and respectful as possible given your circumstance.